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Hi! My name is Alexander and I am a freelance developer focused on Ruby on Rails, node.js and Android development. I've also a background as Linux server administrator.

Below is a short summary of what I can do to help you and how I work.


I cover the classical development spectrum ranging from planning, implementation, testing, documenting to deployment and maintenance.
I offer development services preferably utilizing Ruby/Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, as well as CSS3 styling.

Additionally, I offer conceptual work for personalized hosting infrastructures to suit your needs.
This includes optimisation of existing solutions.


I work iteratively, according to the principles of agile development. I do not work on fixed-scope, fixed-cost projects.
I prefer to work from my home office. I'm not looking for full-time on-site work.


A selection of projects

Some of my work is open source - see my Github profile.

Node.js server and Android client
Addicted2Random Logo
Multi-transport Open Sound Control hub with PureData connector for simultaneous sound composing and Android based control surface.

These projects were part of the Addicted²Random EU project.
LKJ Kultur
Rails Web application
LKJ Website Screenshot
Website and event calendar for the "Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung Thüringen e.V." (LKJ).

Realised with the Ruby on Rails based Refinery CMS and my Refinery Events engine.
DEKV Kongress
Rails Web application
DEKV Kongress Screenshot
Website and registration tool for a congress for trainees of the "Deutscher Evangelischer Krankenhausverband e.V." (DEKV).

Realised with the Ruby on Rails based Refinery CMS and a custom registration engine.
Java Web application
WebSeed Screenshot
Web application for seed and seed stock propagation applications meeting the requirements of the German agricultural laws covering seed propagation (SaatG).

I worked on this product for two years as a core developer and was a partner in the developer company.

Technologies: Spring, Spring Integration, Hibernate, BIRT, Groovy, Tomcat
Qualityservice :: Qualitätsinstanz
Ruby on Rails Web application
Qualityservice Screenshot
Webservice to validate fixed length A1-address data and F1-propagation applications according to the German legal definitions of format.
It provides tools to correct and export data in case of validation failures.


If you want to know more about my services or were referred to me by a friend, please contact me via .


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